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Episode #47: Reverence is a Worldview

Episode #47: Reverence is a Worldview

Reverence is a worldview; a way of approaching life with wonder, care, gratitude, and respect. Join Christine today as she invite you to reconnect with the wonder of life through the long-held powers of ritual and ceremony.


In this Episode, we cover:

  • A brief introduction to Reverence: Creating Ritual in Modern Life book
  • The First Chapter: How do we serve an enchantment?
  • About rituals and home altars


Helpful Links:

  1. A Ritual for the Empty Nest by Kathleen Joy
  2. Creating a Personal Ritual Space
  3. Planning a Ritual for Your Third Age
  4. How to Create Ritual: The Art of Designing Energy
  5. Time Out: Give Yourself the Gift of an Integrated Spring Cleanse
  6. Guest Post: Being Adored (and Ritual of Adoration Guidebook) from Lillie Claire Love
  7. Reclaiming Reverence