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Episode #52: The G-Zone: A Thanksgiving Meditation

Episode #52: The G-Zone: A Thanksgiving Meditation

Thank-full can be a state of being, and gratitude a way of walking in the world. Our minds become habituated to our surroundings and often forget to pay attention- as a result a plethora of ambient blessings fade into the background. Living as Thanksgiving does wonders for your spirit and bodymind: studies show that a gratitude practice can get people off of antidepressants, accelerate healing after surgery, and draw people closer together. Plus it just opens the door to living with more wonder and awe and reverence.

We've done a special episode of the pod today, one I hope you will listen to lying down, with a pen and paper nearby. The episode features an original backing track from Mornsong, a dozen short contributions from friends articulating what they are grateful for, and a guided reflection for you to follow along with. 

Drop down into the Gratitude Zone, the G-Zone, maybe before you get into the F-zone. Um, that's the Family Zone.  

With all love, we are grateful for you,

Christine and Team


With special thanks to Nico (Mornsong), Adam Bauer, John Shiva Gray. Dream Mullick, Michael Schutzler, Leila Towry, Elizabeth Walsh and Mark Whitwell for offering their thanksgivings.