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Episode #79: A Lifelong Practice: Dancing the 5Rhythms  with Lucia Horan

Episode #79: A Lifelong Practice: Dancing the 5Rhythms with Lucia Horan


Join us today as we share a new series we call “Body Joy” wherein we explore different inspiring stories on movement, sports, and integration. 

For the first part, our guest Lucia Horan to talk about dance and the  fundamentals of the 5Rhythms practice. She received direct training from Gabrielle Roth, founder of the 5Rhythms moving meditation, and has been teaching since 1998. She also has a BA from Goddard College, with a major in expressive art therapy.

Today, she leads different focus groups co-teaching with masters in the fields of Buddhist meditation, yoga, trauma, addiction, grief, women’s empowerment, Motion Theater & wild dolphin connection, conservation & education.  

Lucia teaches skills and strategies that help her students become better emotional and physical athletes in life.  Her mastery is in the field of somatic meditation and dance. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • Suggestions to detox our bodies
  • How did Lucia started dancing?
  • On growing up with Gabrielle Roth and learning The 5Rhythms Maps
  • How much time is needed in this practice?
  • How does Lucia encourage people to start dancing?
  • The different emotions experienced in these rhythms
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Her Workshops with women
  • What is a Moon Lodge?


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