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Episode #85: V the Vote with the States Project - Hosted by Paten Hughes

Episode #85: V the Vote with the States Project - Hosted by Paten Hughes


We continue on sharing with you the different live talks from the Sensing Woman 2022: A multisensory event that took place at C24 Gallery in Chelsea, New York City a few weeks ago.

Next in this series about the 2022 Midterm Elections (that will end in a few days). Most likely the major factor in how Americans vote are policies, women’s autonomy, health care, and inflation.

This panel is led by Paten Hughes, along with Sasha Eden, Lisa Kron, and Tzipora Lederman. They talk about their call for activism. their community of changemakers and some of the current challenges that can impact the elections. 

Your voice matters and Your vote matters #vthevote #novembHER8 #2022midterms


Helpful Links:

  • Paten Hughes - Actress and creator, known for the series HEIRLOOM inspired by her journey into organic tomato farming. Check out her instagram @tresapay and Facebook @patenhughes
  • Sasha Eden - an actor and producer; known for blending her innovative creativity with activism. Also recognized as a leader in the parity movement, Sasha is a frequent guest speaker on gender equality, media literacy, girls’ empowerment and producing your own work. Check out her Facebook and Instagram @sashaeden
  • Lisa Kron - Award-winning writer and performer who’s been creating theater for four decades. Her best-known plays include WELL, 2.5 MINUTE RIDE, and the musical, FUN HOME. She’s part of SOS, a giving circle that’s raised money in every election cycle since 2018 to support The States Project’s in their game-changing work shifting the balance of power in state legislatures. Follow her on Instagram @elkay100
  • Tzipora Lederman - she has spend the last decade working to elect Democrats and improve elections. She has a B.A. in Politics from Oberlin College. Check out @swingleft
  • The States Project - A Community of Change Makers
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