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Perfect Health and Pleasure: Welcome to Rosebud Woman

Perfect Health and Pleasure: Welcome to Rosebud Woman

I’m Christine, the brand’s creator, and I’m so glad you found us. Our mission with this company is to help every woman know and love her body, and to be freed from any remaining sexual or body shame, especially surrounding our perfect intimate embodiment and the cycles of our lives. 

We make intimate skin and body care formulations to support all of the stages of our sensual, sexual and reproductive lives, from menarche to menopause and beyond. We offer solutions for arousal, moisture, calming, freshness and skin resilience to cultivate comfort and pleasure.

Our formulas are pure, plant-based, effective, cruelty-free, sustainably made, hormone-free and toxin-free; in short, all the good stuff. Our aesthetics, designs, and sensory experiences are meant to amplify the beauty in daily life.

Through our products and literature, we are committed to changing the conversation surrounding women’s sexuality to one of self-love, knowledge, and joy. Our community is embedded within a network of allies and providers and other communities with similar missions.

We provide inspiration and information across platforms, from social media to podcasts, to help our customers love their bodies more, so that each of us can stand in greater peace and power in the world.

We also believe in giving back. While we work on the inner stories we each carry, we also contribute to organizations that work toward systemic and structural change on economic empowerment, maternal health and domestic violence.

I encourage you to sign up for our loyalty program to earn rewards on all your purchases and have access to special events. And write to us, tag us, we are happy to engage, share, respond and encourage wherever possible. 

We believe that perfect health and pleasure are available at every age and that when women stand in greater peace and power in the world, everyone benefits.

All Love,
Christine Marie Mason
Founder, Rosebud Woman