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What Would it Take to Change the Stories of Being Female?

What Would it Take to Change the Stories of Being Female?

There comes a time when the stories people carry become unbearable. Literally, we can’t carry them any longer. It’s not so much a bottoming out, as an exhaustion with what isn’t authentic or current, with what used to serve but no longer does. We get bored with our same old boring stories, stories that have no life in them anymore.

The degree to which we hang on to stories and habits that don’t support our best life is a pointer to how important and helpful that particular adaptation was in our early life—maybe to earn love or ensure our survival. Otherwise we’d just notice an uncomfortable adaptation, and simply stop it. Metanoia. Change direction. Author our own lives. But not as shock, not as severance of lineage, not as a turning away, but as a flowering of our own dharmic seed.

When it comes to the story of womanhood, we each learn different things. What is your story of being female? If you're male or somewhere in the middle, what do you believe about women? Where did you get those stories? Are these stories still working for you? Do you want to pass them on to others or change them?

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