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A Personal Full Moon Ritual

A Personal Full Moon Ritual

Each full moon is different, steeped in lore and cultural significance. But all share a common theme of coming to fullness; of peaking, shining, and embracing the totality of life. The monthly full moon is a time of identifying ourselves, releasing that which is not us, and embracing that which remains. We do this bathed in moonlight, invoking the moon to bolster us — in this night and the nights to come.

To perform this ritual, you will need the space and materials to create a circle within which you can sit or stand. You can make this circle by drawing on the ground with chalk, or by marking it with fabric, natural materials (flowers, twigs, feathers... etc.), or candles—though the full moon is best celebrated in her own light. North and south are good guides for orientation. Mark the “top” (north) of your circle with a glass or bowl of wine, and the bottom with a bowl of water. To the left & right (or east & west) place totems of personal significance. These will absorb the light and energy you are about to manifest. Some people put their oracle tools and crystals in these positions; others might place their journal in these spots, or photos of family or loved ones they would like to invite into the circle.

Begin the ritual by drinking from the bowl of water and stepping into the circle. While in the center, review the events of the past month and identify which encounters you are holding onto, and what energy you might be carrying. Is it yours? Or are you carrying it on someone else’s behalf? If it is not yours, let it go. Sing or dance or yell or cry or breathe or voice it to the night—but let it go. Witness its departure. Notice what remains, and continue this process as needed.

When you are ready, close out the ritual by drinking from the vessel of wine. Recite the mantra at the beginning of this section, and exit the circle. It is easy to modify this ritual for a communal experience. Have all the participants help create the circle, and place their own totems to the east and west of its center. Then, have everyone stand outside the circle.

Begin the ritual with a silent or group meditation and, when ready, have one person sip from the bowl of water and step inside the circle. Have them announce a reflection, or something they wish to release. Then, turn and pass the bowl of water on to the next person. Continue until everyone is within the circle, and they all have expressed what they wish to let go of. Pass the vessel of water or wine around. Once all have sipped, clasp hands and recite together the mantra at the beginning of this section. One by one, exit the circle. Move into the remainder of your night, for introspection or celebration.

The above is an excerpt from our new book Reverence: Modern Rituals for Everyday Life

A Personal Full Moon Ritual from Reverence