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Effective Dry Brushing for Lymphatic Drainage

Effective Dry Brushing for Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage relieves dry or dull skin, swelling, bloating and stomach discomfort. Using a dry brush twice a week can help reboot your lymphatic system and give you a new boost of healthiness and energy to take with you into tomorrow.

What exactly is your lymphatic system?
It acts as sort of a disposal for your body. It works internally throughout your body to help flush out naturally produced toxins and waste, as well as invasive toxins like bacteria. In short, it helps protect you from disease and infection.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage
There is a wide range of benefits that come with lymphatic drainage.

  • Reduce Bloating: The process of lymphatic drainage can redirect built up water content allowing for a reduction in appearance and pain.
  • Relieve Constipation: When your lymphatic system is working in a healthier manner, it is able to flush toxins out more efficiently and therefore create a smoother path for your digestion and bowel system.
  • Energy Increase: If you are struggling with feeling sluggish or low energy, lymphatic drainage can help by boosting circulation and clearing stagnant waste in your body which will help get your energy levels back up.
  • Improved Immune Function: When your lymph circulation is reset through lymphatic drainage, your system can perform more efficiently when it comes to removing the toxins in your body, allowing for a healthier, faster performing immune system.
  • Reduced Swelling: This is the primary reason people get lymphatic massages. When dealing with Lymphedema or excessive swelling in the body, it is typically caused by built up lymph, which can cause pain. This swelling may be reduced by lymphatic drainage.
  • Clear Skin: Due to the fact that lymphatic drainage is increasing overall circulation and waste efficiency, it will also leave your skin looking fresh - this may counteract puffiness and dull tones of the skin.

What is Lymphatic Drainage?
Lymphatic drainage is a massage practice used to relieve swelling and discomfort in the arms and legs. Beyond that, it can stimulate the lymphatic system through circulation, expedite the removal of biochemical wastes from body tissues, and enhance body fluid dynamics which can cause a reduction of edema. It is a way to effectively move fluid through the body.

Lymphedema results when all the parts of the lymphatic system aren’t working properly. Lymphedema is apparent when there is an excessive amount of fluid (lymph) in the soft tissue of the body. This typically causes swelling in the arms and legs which can range from mild to severe.There are three primary stages when Lymphedema can occur:

  • Infancy - known as Milroy’s Disease (congenital lymphedema)
  • Puberty/During Pregnancy/Up to age 35 - known as Meige’s Disease (lymphedema praecox)
  • After age 35 - Lymphedema Tarda

The secondary type of Lymphedema, Meige’s Disease, is the most common form. It is caused by disruptive drainage to the lymphatic system that is typically triggered by trauma. The most common cause of damage to the lymphatic system is cancer treatments, however that is not the only cause. Other causes include: infection, obesity, cardiac impairments, vascular impairments, and kidney disease. Pregnancy, PMS, diet, alcohol, and hormonal shifts can cause fluctuations in the lymphatic system as well. One form of relief for Lymphedema and lymphatic system fluctuations is lymphatic drainage.

Why Use a Dry Brush?
Dry brushing is a technique used to perform lymphatic drainage at home, as well as detoxify the skin, and break down cellulite. As opposed to a massage using your hands, the brush allows for a slightly deeper skin cleanse and circulation boost making the process even more beneficial to your body.

What is a Dry Brush?
A dry brush is a coarse bristled brush used to exfoliate the skin in a manner of process much like an at home massage. The brush should be textured, and the bristles firm in order to receive the best treatment and results. Dry brushes that are too soft will not perform as well as firmer brushes. The softer the brush, the less effective. The perfect dry brush should hold its shape as you run it over your body.

How to Properly Dry Brush
Dry brushing should start at the bottom of your body and work its way up to your center. Start at your feet using wide strokes up your legs in the direction of your heart applying light pressure as you do. Once you’ve made your way up your legs, the strokes can turn into circular motions as you massage your torso area, stomach, and backside. Make sure you are gentler in the breast area, as the skin is more sensitive. Once you have finished your mid-section, begin massaging your arms in strokes moving up from your wrists to your elbows. After finishing massaging your arms, take a warm, not hot, shower to shed away the skin. After showering use a nourishing body oil to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

The Journey is Just Beginning
This is just the start of the process into experiencing the benefits of lymphatic drainage and dry brushing for yourself! Make sure to take care of your body in all the ways you can - staying hydrated, keeping a good nutritious diet, and being active. Rosebud Women products are here to support you along the way.