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2019 Reverence Fund Donations. Inner Change, Outer Systems.

2019 Reverence Fund Donations. Inner Change, Outer Systems.

The Rosebud Woman team is glad to share our success in 2019 with organizations that work to support reverence for the feminine. While our day-to-day business addresses women’s intimate health and personal transformation, we recognize that true change comes through system change. Our Reverence Fund identifies and vets qualified organizations addressing some of the major issues confronting women worldwide.

As we grow, our level of support will grow. Our contribution for 2019 is $14,000. If you would like to add to the amount we are sending out you can donate any of these organization's sites directly (links below). At any time, you can add a Reverence Fund donation to your Rosebud Woman order, and we will continue to seek out and fund worthy organizations. Just a couple of dollars per order adds up!

This year, our Reverence Fund will continue to support the work of three organizations we supported in 2018, including:

One Heart Worldwide (Maternal Health): Arlene Samen is a former neonatal intensive care nurse who, during a chance meeting with the Dalai Lama, was directed to save women's lives. Since then, her One Heart organization has saved the lives of more than 10,000 women and newborns through safe, clean birthing.

La Casa de Las Madres (Domestic Violence): Everyone deserves a safe home. La Casa offers intervention, sanctuary, and education for victims of domestic violence, which affects women at eight times the rate as men.

Mama Hope (Economic Empowerment and Social Enterprise): Nyla Rodgers founded this organization in 2008 to help empower social entrepreneurs in Africa. Mama Hope creates sustainable ways of living in 10 categories: Women & Girls, Water & Sanitation, Healthcare, Food Security, Green Energy, Housing, Education, Childcare, Local Jobs, and Microfinance.

In addition, this year, we are adding donations to support women working on climate concerns. These include Tree Sisters, countering climate through massive tree planting and women's circles; and Hearts in the Ice, women explorers living in the Arctic circle, doing citizen science and hosting online classes with schoolchildren around the world, to raise awareness about climate shifts and melting ice caps. We have also made small grants to women pioneering cognitive liberty and a computer scientist working on mechanisms to stop artificial intelligence from encoding flawed and gender-biased stereotyping in their learning sets. I will write more about these two issues in upcoming newsletters.

We are blessed with abundant food, water and shelter, the internet with its infinite resources to learn anything, and to be alive at this time in history, when things are simultaneously so amazing and so fragile, when humanity is called to awaken to our total interdependence with each other and nature.

We are grateful for these organizations and these people who invest their life force energy and time in working toward a more just world.


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