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Maximizing the Benefits: Using Your Honor Balm Effectively

Maximizing the Benefits: Using Your Honor Balm Effectively

Use Daily: The Active Ingredients for Thinning Skin and Dryness Work Best When Used Daily


  • Apply it regularly before bed, and leave it on overnight to let the ingredients do their magic.
  • Use Honor before activities that might cause chafing, such as cycling or long walks. 
  • Use it for masturbation or with a partner during foreplay.
  • Use it for perineal and postnatal healing
  • Honor is safe to use on all tender skin- on the nipples, the lips, and even on the skin around the eyes. 


Apply Your Honor Everyday Balm with Self-Massage on Pelvic Pressure Points

Use a nickel-sized scoop of Honor on the fingertips of each hand. Massage yourself with gentle to medium pressure.  Start at the hip points, then the pressure points on the top of the pubic bone and the inner groin. This brings blood flow into the pelvic basin.  

Apply Your Honor Everyday Balm with to the Vulva

 As you move inward and downward, bring the balm onto the outer labia, the inner labia, the clitoris, and the introitus- leave the balm on, allowing its active plant ingredients to work.

Get the Blood Moving!

Vulvar and vaginal tissues require blood flow to get wet. Increased blood flow puts pressure on subcutaneous liquid and pushes it to the surface. Use dynamic hip movements such as squats, hip circles, or dance at any time of the day. Move every hour.

What Causes Moisture Loss?

Peri-Menopause and Menopause Induced Dryness

There are normal lifecycle-driven hormonal reasons for lack of lubrication- drops in hormonal levels in peri-menopause and menopause from normal aging. Concerns with dryness are common in menopause, whether naturally occurring or surgically induced. 

Medication or Cancer Treatment Induced Dryness
Many pharmaceutical prescriptions—including statins, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and antipsychotics, among others—can cause sexual dysfunction in both women and men. 

Cancer treatments often have a systemic effect that causes vaginal changes.

Stress-Induced Dryness
There are also hormonal disruptions that are culturally induced: high levels of stress and anxiety can elevate cortisol and depress desire. Incontinence, staying damp after exercise, harsh soaps... Anxiety, busyness, and trauma are all factors that make it difficult for some women to relax—and relaxation is a precondition for true arousal and great orgasms. Our bodies are genius! They don't want to be aroused when stressed out or unsafe, unhealthy, dehydrated, or undernourished. Big lifestyle shifts that would allow life to be easy: doing less, playing more, meditating, exercising, and foreplay would go a long way to staying juicy!

Medical Condition with Dryness or Pain in the Vulva or Vagina
Conditions such as lichen sclerosis are severe forms of dryness that can be very painful.

*All of our products are completely safe for ingestion

Special Note to Moms-to-Be & New Moms:

Honor is especially useful for perineal massage prenatally, and for helping tissue to recover postnatally. Perineal massage, even once or twice a week in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy reduces the risk of tears and episiotomies with vaginal births. PS!!! We also like it on cracking nipples, and very dry skin anywhere on the body.