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An Overview of the Pelvic Bowl

An Overview of the Pelvic Bowl

An Overview of the Pelvic Bowl

This image offers an overview of the pelvic bowl, and a detailed reveal on the anatomy of the area surrounding the vagina. For some people, this will be a refresher and for some it will be new information. See if you can palpate your hip area, find the bone structures and locate and name them on your own body.

Blood flow and nerve transmission in the pelvic bowl and basin areas can be impeded by sitting (or by other recurring movement patterns), and by chronic muscle tightening and protections. These will impact the aliveness and sensitivity in the pelvis, and the organs it contains.

In The Invitation, there are several diagrams showing pressure points that can be massaged by hand, or by laying on a tennis ball, to enhance flow or provide relief.

The above is an excerpt from our book  "The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self."