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Loving your own scent, and staying clean.

Loving your own scent, and staying clean.

Many women express concerns about their intimate scent. We think that concern is culturally derived and overblown. Smelling like your own pheromonal signature, with a clean vaginal area, is much preferred to masking or hiding it! A healthy pussy has a musky or a musky, metallic scent of varying intensities.

Your scent changes by diet, cycle and hormones. Like your overall body smell or your breath, the supplements you ingest, medications, intoxicants, heavy use of animal products or sugars- these all change the way your secretions smell and taste. You know from your own day to day shifts, that the intensity can range from barely detectable to overwhelming.  Unlike lumens for light, or decibels for sound, "Odour Units" aren’t as readily understood by people. Olfactometers are machines that measure the strength of atmospheric smells (like gas leaks), but we have no understanding at this point about how to apply that to intimate care. When there are worrisome smells, they are noticeably different than your regular range of smells, and might indicate an undesirable Ph balance or infection. That's the time to talk to your doctor.

The best way to clean your vulvar area is plain, warm water. Many soaps and surfactants are too irritating and mess with the healthy balance in the vaginal area.

Still: closed, moist quarters can cause bacteria overgrowth and shift the Ph balance of the vaginal area into an undesirable range. A healthy vagina has a Ph of 6 or less. Over 7 is a sick vaginome. In between those numbers can dwell candida overgrowth, vaginosis and other irritating conditions. If you can’t bathe immediately, and you want to stay clean, first we recommend getting out of any damp or tight clothes and putting on something loose.

Refresh Intimate Cleansing Wipes Refresh Intimate Cleansing Wipes
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When we created Refresh, our pure and gentle cleanser, it wasn't to replace a warm water bath. It was to use after toileting, sex and exercise to gently clean and take away the undesirable bacteria that can be introduced through these things, especially in a life on the go. Refresh contains pure water, with aloe vera and witch hazel as soothers, and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil and lavender as gentle purifiers. You can spritz on refresh, or put it on a cotton pad or wipe (our natural, bamboo, super soft purse wipes are coming soon). The ingredients we have chosen work, and have been tested for skin sensitivity with no adverse results.  We want you to smell like you, not be perfumed or deodorized- just cool, clean and collected.