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Remembering Your Newborn Wonder: a Holiday Message

Remembering Your Newborn Wonder: a Holiday Message

Happy holidays!

I have a little wish for you in the New Year, on remembering your newborn wonder. 

Thank you for receiving us so beautifully in 2018. I am grateful, the team is grateful.

May all that you touch thrive and prosper, may you be happy and free.


Christine Marie Mason

Rosebud Woman

empower yourself



in the exhausted endorphin haze 
in the sweet relief at having brought forth the babe
there was such celebration
this tender miracle of 
life making life 
making you 
as they exclaimed
those little toes 
and all the usual things

your hungry eyes and curious fingers 
pawed at the world and learned
the taste of milk and apples and blood and tears
the sound of mama and dog and sirens
what happened when you touched piano keys
or pulled a cat's tail
how high you might jump
how loud you could scream

with laughter and wailing you grew
bathed in questions and imprinted daily 
with the whole history of your family 
told to you in countless small gestures
involuntary sighs or sharp inhales
you were sculpted with 
forehead kisses and kind praise
forbidding looks and the withdrawal of dessert 
until you understood pride and shame

and learned the price of agreement 
this is how we get along
especially with those we depend on
this is the seat beside the stove
and this the windward fence 
where the snow piles against the wire
we withhold what we think or desire
or learn to not pay attention to that at all
to extrocept, to perceive outside 

this is how the inner and outer life separate
how we estrange ourselves to ourselves 
and to the ones we love
at what moment exactly did the marveling stop
and the training begin
were you two or four or was it earlier
when did you first think you were not perfect
did you begin to hide or twist or posture
are you now not just as much a wonder 
as you were the day you took that first breath

be newborn beloved 
let an inward gaze of celebration 
be trained upon you 
here now at 27 or 54 or 81
with all of your thoughts 
the shaded and the glorified
and all of your wants and not wanting
known and seen accepted
the body that lives and dies
the source unchanging
the sweet babe that never left you
look at those fingers
look at those toes