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Supplements for Balancing Cortisol During Holidays

Supplements for Balancing Cortisol During the Holidays

As seasonal demands add to our already full plates, the stress can spike our cortisol, which causes a range of health problems, such as menstrual cycle irregularities, sleep disturbances, digestive issues, weight fluctuations, skin and joint problems. What to do?

First: Say Yes to Joy and No to Obligation

Have conversations with your family about what they really want- you may find that many things that are "expected" during this time of year create stress for them, too. In our family, we decided to gather in the summer, and to limit gift exchanges, favoring shared experiences. We eliminated paper cards, and used that money for charitable donations. We decided to gather with local family and friends, and have a potluck and some surprises, and make music together, emphasizing play, not duty. Read: Self-love Subtleties

Second: Put Your Health First

Make time for health and presence. It’s even more important now to exercise,  meditate and do your breathing, to walk in nature or enjoy the water. Skip the alcohol and sugar as much as you can. Load up on immune boosting supplements. Read: How to Relax 

Third: Take Cortisol Balancing Supplements Where Needed

Here are some proven supplements for balancing cortisol (we prefer Thorne Research supplements whenever possible, as they follow the same high standards we do in our offerings).