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Why We Say Intimate Wellness and not Just Sexual Wellness

Why We Say Intimate Wellness and not Just Sexual Wellness

“Sex” is only a tiny slice of living in a body- maybe once or twice a week, or if you’re lucky everyday. For many people, it’s even less frequently. But we women live with our intimate parts 24/7/365 for 88 years on average. It’s not like this part of the body vanishes when we’re not engaged in sex. Women have many more intimate needs throughout their life cycle than solely sexual support. This is why we call the category intimate wellness, not sexual wellness.

Throughout a woman's life, she has varying needs for:

  • Intimate Education: Psycho-emotional, physical and behavioral information 
  • Sexual Wellness: Lubrication, pleasure, toys
  • Period Care: Pads, tampons, period supplements
  • Intimate Skin Care: Vulvar Moisturizers, cleansers, toners, special needs
  • Vaginal Care: Internal care for common concerns
  • Pre- and Postnatal Care: Perineal care, scar care
  • Feminine Hygiene: Other targeted topical and suppositories


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    Vulvar and Intimate Skincare Needs Arise from:

    • Dryness from perimenopause or menopause, or surgical menopause
    • Dryness from medications (antidepressants, statins, chemotherapy)
    • Lack of sensation from pelvic basin numbing, trauma, blood flow
    • Discomfort from childbirth: perineal preparation, healing from perineal tearing (NIH study), scarring, postnatal intercourse
    • Irritation from chafing, sex, fabrics, hot box environments, certain sports, waxing, soaps and surfactants
    • Discomfort arising from external bacteria that migrates into the vaginome


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