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Episode #36 Katy Seppi -  Making Family Part 2: Chasing Creation - Childless in America

Episode #36 Katy Seppi - Making Family Part 2: Chasing Creation - Childless in America

Welcome to the Rose Woman Pod. As we continue to discuss the many ways of Making Family,  this week we talk about the often sidelined topic, Childlessness.

Meet our guest Katy Seppi, Founder of Chasing Creation, a community for the childless that gives support through monthly Childless Support Circles, happy hours, online courses, and an annual Childless Collective Summit. She is here to share her story and experiences of infertility, how she copes with it, and acceptance.  

Katy Seppi is designing an unexpectedly childfree life after infertility. After four years of infertility ended with a hysterectomy in 2017, she started Chasing Creation to provide support, resources, and community for those who are also involuntarily childless. Katy holds a Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of Georgia, with an emphasis in community empowerment and program development.


In this episode, we cover:

  • Her personal story and how she worked through her grief
  • How Chasing Creation started
  • Statistics and reasons why women are Childless
  • The importance of recognizing the grief associated with being childless not by choice
  • How different cultures’ expectations impact women’s experience in infertility
  • Reproductive technologies, options and statistics
  • Social situations that should be considered to change
  • Finding connection and healing with the childless community 
  • Topics that are discussed in the Childless Collective Summit

 Helpful Links:

  • Katy Seppi - Founder of Childless support group, Chasing Creation

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