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Episode #35: Beth Tyson - Making Family Part 1: Grandfamilies

Episode #35: Beth Tyson - Making Family Part 1: Grandfamilies

Raising children surely is difficult but raising a child for the second-time around might be even harder. Grandparents nationwide are stepping into the role of a second-time parent in their later years. In the next couple of weeks, we are going to discuss the many kinds of families. Let’s dive in and broaden our understanding of what other people are going through.  One of these kinds of families is called “Grandfamilies.”

Joining us today is Beth Tyson, author of the book  “A Grandfamily for Sullivan” where she tells a story that will help the new generation on how to cope and understand why their grandparents are now caring for them. This is a very crucial resource for families broken apart by mental health issues.

Beth Tyson is the director of Beth Tyson Trauma Care where they offer trauma-informed mental health education to parents, teachers, medical professionals, and other community service providers. Beth is a children's book author, who published a book for grandchildren being raised by their grandparents due to loss, abuse, or neglect. Her book is available on Amazon. She is also a public speaker and advocate for those impacted by childhood trauma. 


In this episode, we cover:

  • What are Grandfamilies?
  • What are the various situations or reasons on why a child goes to the grandparents' care?
  • How does a grandparent be prepared for this emergency situation?
  • What are the elements of Trust and Safety in the daily life of a child?
  • Seeking support from the communities
  • Beth’s inspirations and thoughts in writing her book  “A Grandfamily for Sullivan”


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  • Adam Walker-Parker - Illustrator of the book “A Grandfamily for Sullivan”
  • Grands Stepping Up - a non-profit corporation dedicated to assisting grandparents/kinship guardians who are raising their grandchildren
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  • Emotiminds - a group for caregivers and professionals who would like to learn tools and best practices for psychological development and what we can do to increase emotional resilience within our families.
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