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Episode 100: Call the Midwife Holistic Care Models

Episode #100: Call the Midwife! Holistic Care Models with Allison Tartari

Hello and welcome to our 100th episode! Whether you’ve been listening since episode one, or if this is your first episode, we are so grateful to everyone who’s come along on this journey with us. 

To celebrate this week, Allison Tartari of Tourmaline Collective will join us to discuss the power and importance of education and community gathering to assist women in their pregnancy journey.

Allison found her way to midwifery care through the pregnancy and birth of her fourth child. She knew she wanted to help support women during pregnancy, and avoid the unnecessary interventions she encountered with her other children. She became passionate about educating families on other, safer options for birth. She became a D.O.N.A trained doula. Out of this passion for holistic, integrative healthcare Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Center was born.

Their goal is to make midwifery care accessible to all women no matter their background or financial status and to educate the community on the benefits of midwifery care. Let’s dive in!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The expanded role of the midwives
  • Postpartum depression
  • Community care
  • The ideal birth team
  • Setting expectations
  • Self-care as a ceremony
  • Creating your birth plan and the fourth trimester
  • Box for Loss 
  • Women's rituals and coping with postpartum depression or miscarriage


 Helpful Links:

  • Allison Tartari - Licensed Midwife and founder of Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Collective is a wellness center that offers holistic, evidence-based care for every stage of your journey.
  • Thrive Wellness Collective - a 501c3, strives to make midwifery and holistic healthcare accessible to everyone no matter their economic status. Donate to help provide prenatal-postpartum services to women that deserve and desire this care. 
  • Box For Loss - came together organically as a way to support women through miscarriage & pregnancy loss. We the product details here
  • For updates follow them on Facebook @tourmalinecollective and Instagram @tourmaline_collective 
  • Showing of "Born Free" in San Diego on June 1st, visit this link for more details
  • On Children by Kahlil Gibran

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