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Episode 139 on the Rose Woman Podcast

Episode # 139: MicroPeace, MakeWrong, ProLife

Dear Rosies,
This episode is a catch-up with me on all of the things that are brimming in my consciousness after many months on the road: how micro-peace in ourselves is critical for macro-peace, unlearning make-wrong, cancel culture, being brave, being for life, learning in difficulty, intuition, our potent creative nonviolent future- and much more.
In this episode:
  • Healing and Personal Responsibility
  • Micropeace
  • Practicing "No MakeWrong" 
  • Facing Cancel Culture
  • Mindfulness and Empathy
  • The Goodness of the People of Earth
  • Unity Earth and International Day of Peace
  • The Mission Within Foundation to Address Veteran Suicides
  • Linda Tucker and the White Lions and the Message of Keeping to the Long Arc Mission of Change
  • Inviting a Real ProLife World of Love and Reverence 
May you live each day in full vitality,  purpose, and joy, 
Christine Marie Mason
Founder, Rosebud Woman
Host of The Rose Woman Pod