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Episode 101: The Right the Leave, Aggressive Exes & Gracious Endings

Episode #101: The Right to Leave, Aggressive Exes and Gracious Endings: A Solo Episode with Christine Marie Mason

When we fall in love, we often believe our relationship will last forever. Except sometimes it doesn't go well and breakups happen.

Today we’re going to talk about what to do when you think it's time to end your relationship-- your right to leave. You may be in a relationship that has been on for a long time and you have kids, but it's very difficult for you to communicate it or accept it. We will be sharing some references along the way for further reading.

This episode may be hard for some of you who are currently going through a breakup. Always remember, you're not alone!

In this episode, we cover

  • The reasons for ending a relationship
  • Sensory addiction and overcoming it
  • What to do to move forward gracefully
  • Biological detox
  • What to do when ex-partner is vindictive and abusive
  • Co-parenting your children
  • The concept of Karma Theory
  • Thoughts on self-care, forgiving, and free will

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