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Episode #39: Angie Byrd: Good Sex Changes Everything  and your Sensual Groove

Episode #39: Angie Byrd: Good Sex Changes Everything and your Sensual Groove

 In this episode, Let's go on a journey of pleasure discovery with Angie Byrd of Our Wild Studio joins us to share her expertise and advice. Let's explore what is Embodiment and How Good Sex changes everything to create a better sex life and leaving you inspired and turned on.

Today, Angie teaches women how to unleash the power that's living in their laps, waiting to be liberated, that will change everything else in their life, from the way they feel to the way they speak, to the way they move through their every day.

Wild Studio is a place where women are liberated from outdated programming around power, pleasure, sensuality, and sex. Inspiring women to Turn ON is the priority. After all, a turned-on woman is the most powerful being on the planet. 

Wild Studio provides empowering education to women in the areas of wisdom, wellness, and pleasure through free resources, group coaching programs, intensive individual coaching, personal retreats, a vibrant community, and monthly women’s circles.


In this episode, we cover:

  • “The only person I’m really seducing, ever, is myself.”
  • What is Flaneuring?
  • Why Good Sex changes everything?
  • What is Embodiment?
  • Asking your body what it wants
  • Getting in the mood. 
  • Taking the time for pleasure
  • Managing the freeze state
  • How are you occurring for yourself?

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