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Episode #41: Carlie Quezada: Ecosexuality and Lingerie

Episode #41: Carlie Quezada: Ecosexuality and Lingerie

In this episode, we're excited to be joined today by Carlie Quezada, founder of the lingerie brand Supernatural. Let’s take a closer look as Carlie walks us through to learn more about this apparel category and what are the different eco-conscious materials being used in making lingerie.

 Inspired by her love of lingerie and innovative design, Carlie Quezada founded Supernatural as a space for the celebration of femininity and self-appreciation. The curation of the shop emphasizes modern design, ethical production, and an individualistic style. Carlie’s professional background spans from the world of contemporary art to creative production & project management both at large corporations and small, independent design firms.


We Cover:


  • What is Enclothed Cognition?
  • Why lingerie can be used as a woman's personal style, self-expression, and self- seduction
  • What does one feel before buying lingerie
  • What are the different lingeries styles and how it reflects the psychology of the women buying
  • What are the sustainable materials and eco certifications used in making Supernatural lingerie?
  • What are other accessories sold in Supernatural
  • Learn the different bra styles, lingerie harnesses and other style definitions
  • What are the Live events hosted by Supernatural
  • How to properly take care of lingerie


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