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Podcast 62: The Algorithm and Women's Sexual Wellness

Episode #62 "The Algorithm" and Women's Sexual Wellness with Jackie Rotman

Jackie and her non-profit are doing the important work of answering the tech giants' "excruciating double standards" around women's reproductive and sexual health and pleasure. Learn about her work, the amazing team behind


In this Episode, we cover:


About Jackie:

Jackie Rotman is the Founder and CEO of Center for Intimacy Justice (CIJ), a nonprofit organization that is currently working to change policies at tech platforms to allow health ads for women and people with vulvas - which are frequently censored today. Jackie holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, and BA in Public Policy from Stanford.

Jackie led an investigation, released in 2022 in 60 media outlets, demonstrating systemic censorship by Facebook (Meta) of women’s health advertisements. Jackie has also written investigative op-eds and other writing in New York Times and Boston Globe Magazine. 

Jackie is a social entrepreneur, who has led three organizations. She previously founded, at age 14, and nationally expanded, an organization that has provided free dance programs to over 25,000 youth across 25 U.S. cities. During her MBA at Stanford, Jackie worked in women's health investing with Rhia Ventures and Tara Health Foundation, and for a Silicon Valley venture capital fund -- where she drove financial, market and competitive analysis for investments in contraception technology and in sex education.


Center for Intimacy Justice (CIJ) is a non-profit organization rewriting the rules of business to propel sexual health and wellbeing for women and people with vulvas. CIJ’s is currently leading a multi-pronged, strategic approach to create policies at tech platforms that allow women’s sexual health ads. In January of 2022 CIJ released a report in New York Times and 60+ media outlets demonstrating that of 60 women's health businesses CIJ studied that attempted to advertise on Facebook, 100% of them experienced Facebook rejecting ads – and 50% experienced Facebook suspending their accounts. The report's findings have been taken on by the US Senate's Health Committee.


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