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Rituals for Self Protection

Rituals for Self Protection

We are constantly interacting with everything around us on an energetic level. The concept of aura is helpful here: the aura or auric field is the energy of our body where it extends beyond our skin. Our emotions, vitality, and health are all impacted by activity in the auric field. Everything carries with it a resonance.

For example, you can feel the difference in your body when someone is judging you, and the vibration it reverberates around you, versus an experience of unconditional love.

Albert Einstein writes, “We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” We are not always conscious of how much we are picking up in our energetic bodies externally from the people and environments around us, as well as our own internalized emotions that are stuck within our fields, unable to release.

Protecting ourselves is both a matter of clearing, cleansing, and purifying the inner world as well as sealing ourselves off to negative external influences, or shielding.

Creating an Auric Shield

It is helpful to start the day imagining a bubble of light around you that completely protects and seals off your energy from any negativity. When I wake up in the morning, one of the first things I 

do is clear my energy and then imagine myself in a bubble of light. If you want to imagine a color that can be helpful. I like to think of a white or golden light, but some people respond to a violet or pink bubble of protection. I also imagine the shield I create allows only loving vibrations to enter, and repels anything less than loving.

Also as a protective measure, if someone is giving me a hard time, I imagine them in their own bubble of white light. I imagine the anger or pressure pointed at me being absorbed and transmuted by their own light.

Simple Powerful Invocation

I start the day with a prayer of intention. Within this intention I ask for light and protection to guide me through the day for my highest good. I ask for the assistance of the angels and archangels to watch over me, guide me, and protect me throughout the day. You can say,

“Dear Spirit, I call in the light to surround, fill, protect and guide me today for my highest good.”

Love Source Shield

Love is the greatest protection. Staying connected to source energy, being in gratitude, connecting with your heart, and leading with your loving and light is the greatest way to evoke blessings, protection, and grace in your life. Forgiving others, forgiving yourself, releasing judgment, practicing patience, and committing your life to letting go and learning from your mistakes is the highest form of divine love, which is the ultimate protection. 

Calling in the Directions:

This is an ancient ritual used in many native and shamanic cultures before any kind of ceremonial or sacred work. This can be invoked prior to any of the rituals in this book in order to create a safe space for yourself, and others around you. I use this before working with plants to create medicine, working in sacred circles with others, and anytime I am connecting specifically to earth practices. You can do this alone, or with groups of people. I encourage you to find your own way to meditate on the directions and find the words that feel right for you. Here’s an example:

• Facing East I acknowledge the energy of the East. Element of air, springtime, and new beginnings. Energy of the birds, hawks, and bees. Energy of our breath in and out of our bodies. Energy of ideas and inspiration. Spirits of the beautiful hummingbirds grazing from flower to flower. Thank you for your medicine.

• Facing South I acknowledge the energy of the South. Element of fire, our passions, our ability to transform. The heat of the sun, the flame of desire within us, the burning that makes us feel alive. Thank you for your medicine.

• Facing West I acknowledge the energy of the West. Element of water, the sacred feminine, the womb, the sacral chakra, our emotions, our ability to flow, move, and change. Energy of the wide vast ocean. Energy of the moonlight, soft, reverent, and sensitive. Thank you for your medicine.

Facing North I acknowledge the energy of the North. Element of Earth. The strong stable mountains, the grounded animals, horses, bears. Energy of the trees, the roots, mushrooms, forests, and plants. Thank you for your medicine.

• Facing Above I acknowledge the spirits of above, the spirit guides, our connection to source, consciousness, the stars, the moon, the light, and all beings that would support and be with us here now for our highest good. Thank you for your medicine.

• Touching the Earth I acknowledge the energy of the earth, mother earth, our ancestors, and I honor the light of the beings that dwell in this direction. Thank you for your medicine. • Hands at Heart Center I acknowledge the energy of the sacred center, energy of the heart. May our hearts stay open, loving, and connected to one another as one pulsating beat of love. I welcome unity and compassion to lead and be here now. Thank you for your medicine.

Amen. Amin. Om. Blessed be.

The above is an excerpt contributed by Maria Haddad for our book, "Reverence: Creating Ritual in Modern Life."