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Episode #121 Peace In and Through the Body

Episode #121 Peace In and Through the Body

This Thanksgiving, listen in and immerse yourself in a conversation that delves into the heart of unity, healing, and the timeless wisdom of yoga.

In this episode, we cover the following:

  • Living in a traumatized world: How do we navigate to this fact and the importance of lasting solutions in dealing with these challenges?
  • The importance of yoga education for relief and healing
  • Whole body breathing
  • Addressing separation and fear
  • Empowering individuals locally in a global context
  • Challenging hierarchies, embracing unity of opposites and non-dualism
  • The transformative power of yoga practices in shifting the energy within a group
  • Intimacy with body, breath, and relationship
  • Importance of yoga as a practice to promote receiving and harmony between genders in daily life.
  • Mark’s vision of a global yoga community

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