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Episode #50: Rituals of Adoration with Lillian Love

Episode #50: Rituals of Adoration with Lillian Love

We invite you to join us on this 50th episode with Lillian Love. She will be sharing different intimacy rituals and practices for ourselves and our partners.  She is a Feminine Empowerment Coach, Writer, Speaker, and Leader.  Lillian has a gift for Somatic cellular healing. She guides people--on an individual and collective level--to get out of their heads, and into their bodies, where their peace, pleasure, power, purpose and prosperity lives. 

 In this episode, we cover:

  • How does one create a ritualized life?
  • How does structure work in practices?
  • What are the different daily/monthly practices by Lillian?
  • What are her works to support women?
  • What is the Ritual of Commitment?
  • What is the practice of intimacy?

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