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Episode 51: Cristina Star on Respecting Your Cycles + Period Activism

Episode 51: Cristina Star on Respecting Your Cycles + Period Activism

Menstruation is one of those topics that has long been surrounded by misunderstanding and stigma. Today Cristina Star tells us why, so join us as she shares her personal journey in healing and her work in menstrual activism.

 Cristina Star is a consultant, educator, writer, and researcher in topics that span space exploration, mindfulness and emotional intelligence, ethical and value-based commercial business, and women’s rights as framed through the lens of menstrual activism. She champions cultivating society to bring out the best in humanity, through nurturing inclusivity, healthy professional and educational environments, and the positive trend towards normalizing self-development, trauma awareness, and the growth mindset. May it be for the benefit of All.


In this episode, we cover: 

  • Psychohealth and ritual
  • What are the courses offered at TRU Education?
  • What is menstrual shame and its causes?
  • What are some suggestions in working with cycles?
  • What is Menstrual activism?


Helpful Links: 

  • Cristina Star is the Founder and Director of TRU Education, they offer unique courses that guide a student into a deeper and more engaged experience of life. 
  • Reverence: Creating Ritual in Modern Life book by Christine Marie Mason is now available at the or at Also available, The Reverence Gift box, The gift box contains our new book, matching journal, signature Rose & Oud soy votive candle, and decorative matches in a keepsake gift box.
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