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Episode #82: Social Agreements and  Lived Experiences With Artists with Diana Schmertz and Fay Ku

Episode #82: Social Agreements and Lived Experiences With Artists with Diana Schmertz and Fay Ku


In today's episode, we speak to two astounding artists, Diana Schmertz and Fay Ku. Their artworks will be featured in  Sensing Woman 2022 an upcoming week-long benefit for the Center of Reproductive Rights and Center for Intimacy Justice in Chelsea, New York.

Diana Schmertz moved to Amsterdam after completing her BFA from Purchase College at the age of 19, to start her art career as a recipient of De Ateliers 63’ grant and residency program. In addition to showing her work at traditional galleries and museum spaces, Schmertz has made public art supported by grants. 

Fay Ku is a Taiwan-born, New York City-based artist whose work is figurative, narrative and connects with past and present cultural histories. She is the recipient of a 2007 Louis Comfort Tiffany Grant and 2009 New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship grant.  She has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Tune in to hear about their inspirations in creating beautiful pieces with thought provoking statements.

In this episode, we cover:

Part 1 (Diana Schmertz)

  • Diana as an Art activist: Political views and women’s health
  • Journey to Artmaking
  • The beginning of Laser cut artworks: E, Alternates and Origin Stories
  • Statements reflected in her art
  • The commercial side of art


Part 2 (Fay Ku)

  • Thoughts on the female experience
  • Shunga inspired artworks
  • Feeling and healing with artworks
  • Characters and nature relationship in her art
  • The Peacock Motif and the Nasty Women series explained
  • Deciding on having children and statistics
  • Vainglory  and Reach artworks explained

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