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Get Glossy Summer Skin with Rosebud Woman's Anoint Nourishing Body Oil

Get Glossy Summer Skin

1) Exfoliate with Dry Brushing:

 The practice of dry brushing can stimulate the lymphatic system, improve circulation, aid exfoliation, and help your skin tone and texture become more even and glowing. Start from the feet and work up toward the heart—long strokes over the long bones, and circular motions around the joints (take care not to be too rough on the abdomen or breasts). More on How to Dry Brush.

2) Increase Blood Flow

Use alternating hot/cold showers; dance, jump or shake for 5 Minutes; or do a vigorous self-massage. When all of the tissues of the body have good blood flow, solid lymphatic circulation, muscular strength, stability, softness, suppleness, and appropriate fluidity, you get the shiniest skin! 

3) Moisturize from Head to Toe

Anoint Nourishing Body Oil, with Vitamin E and Apricot Oils, with adaptogens like Schisandra Chinensis and Centella Asiatica, is perfect for head-to-toe non-greasy SHINE.


And never be caught without your hydration!

Hydrate from the inside out throughout the day, by carrying your water bottle- pop a little fresh lemon, mint or ginger in there for extra oomph- or make yourself a pitcher of nettle or mint iced tea and take that along (better for the planet than buying single use beverages, too!).

If you aren't following a skincare supplement regimen, our founder is a big fan of Qualia Skin.

May you RADIATE into summer! 


Your Rosebud Woman Team