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HerMD Panel on the Future of Women's Healthcare & Survivorship

The Future of Women's Healthcare & Survivorship with HerMD

This week we participated in two community events with our OBGYN partners, the pioneering HerMD clinics. In addition to gynecological healthcare, they offer comprehensive care for patients with menopause and reproductive and sexual health needs. Did you know that 97% of medical students learn nothing about caring for menopausal women and that only 20% of OBGYNs are trained in menopause care? This lack of literacy in our caregivers causes unnecessary problems for women and their families.

HerMD Founder, Dr. Javaid, lays out the problem like this, "There's a gender disparity in healthcare due to lack of funding, lack of research, lack of data, lack of female decision-makers, gender bias, and time available to physicians during a standard visit. How are we to address these sensitive issues and 15 minutes? In 15 minutes, patients don't have time to tell you their stories. They don't have time to tell you what's going on. And how in the world, as a physician, are you supposed to listen, empathize, talk about the latest treatment options, document the target, and send the orders? You can't."

HerMD is in a new class of healthcare providers, like Dr. Hardwick Smith in Texas, who treats women holistically. They join media and product organizations to offer complete bio-psycho-social solutions to specific constellations of concerns that women face. Read more and watch the talks from HerMD events and Rosebud Woman's previous symposium, Sensing Woman.

You can watch the replays here: 

The Future of Women's Healthcare with Dr. Somi Javaid, Naomi Watts of Strips, Alisa Volkman, CEO and Founder of the Swell

HerMD explores women’s healthcare, from sexual health and menopause care to equity, investment, and education.You’re invited to join The Future of Women’s Healthcare is Here, hosted by HerMD LIVE from New York City. We have gathered an expert group of passionate medical professionals, founders, investors, and advocates in the women’s healthcare space.Our roundtable discussions will explore different facets of women’s healthcare, from sexual health and menopause to equity, investment, and education.

Sex, Survivorship & Menopause with HerMD and Connie Dwyer Breast Cancer Foundation

Join HerMD and the Connie Dwyer Breast Cancer Foundation for an intimate conversation about survivorship, sex, menopause care, and healthy aging. Moderated by HerMD Chief Growth Officer, Komel Caruso, this conversation will include menopause advocate, Stacy London, and HerMD founder Somi Javaid, MD. HerMD is comprehensive women’s healthcare all under one roof coming to Millburn, NJ in May 2023.

In-person and virtual care for sexual health, menopause, gynecology, medical aesthetics, and more. Our expert team of board-certified OBGYNs, healthcare providers, aestheticians, and a wide network of referral partners are here to help you make informed decisions about your health concerns nationwide. For more information visit 

Also, watch the True Women's Health Panel from Sensing Woman.